Tech Shopping
Tech Shopping
Our Tech Shopping services can be a valuable timesaver and help eliminate the stress of researching and shopping for the ideal product.
What is our Tech Shopping Service?

Our Tech Shopping Service includes the following:

1 - Researching your desired product for the best model for your needs and in your desired price range. Typically, you will be presented with 3 to 6 choices of a single product.
shopping cartDon't spend your time researching and learning unnecessary technical terms. We have the technical knowledge, let us use it to help you find your ideal product.

2 - We will purchase the product for you, whether online or in a physical store.
shopping cartAvoid standing in long lines to get a great deal and avoid using your own credit card on the internet.

3 - We will register the product in your name so that all warranty information is accurate should you have a problem in the future with your purchase.
shopping cartNo one likes to register but it can be very
beneficial should you have a future problem.

4 - We will complete all mail-in rebates (if applicable) so that you can receive your rebate ASAP.
shopping cartRebates can be cumbersome and confusing, this will simply be one less thing for you to worry about.

5 - 30-minute tutorial in your home or office on how to perform all basic functions of your new product.
shopping cartWe'll show you how to get started with your new product so that you can start using it right away!
By taking care of all the neccessities, you are free to simply enjoy your product, we even help you get started should you need assistance using your new item.

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